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Ray Cotter 
Jacob Dalton 
Brian Donlan 
Andy Duncan 
Laura Mosher
Alistair Nicol 
Kenneth Russell 
Paul Shealy 
Russell Watson 
Chris Boese
Project One Blade Runner
Webs of Persuasion:
Sentences for Sentience:
Genetics and Tommorrow:
Soulful Beings:
Engineering Human Cyborgs or Cyborging Humans?
Prejudice in a "Perfect" World:
Life's Experiences and Effects:

Project Two Technology Critics
Webbed Argument Analyses
Identity in the Age of the Internet, by Sherry Turkle
In the Age of the Smart Machine, by Shoshana Zuboff
Artifacts/Ideas and Political Culture, by Langdon Winner
Technology: The Opiate of the Intellectual, by John McDermott
Technopoly: The Broken Defenses, by Neil Postman
The Powershift Era, by Alvin Toffler

Projects 3 & 4 Research
Engineering Timelines: Controversial Ethical Issues in Various Engineering Disciplines

Ray Cotter: Cybernetic Evolution: Forsaking Natural Selection in Favor of Technological Evolution

Jacob Dalton: Global Warming: Will Society Solve the Problem?

Brian Donlan:Whistleblowing: Inadequate Protection for Concientious Engineers

Andy Duncan: The Bhopal Disaster: Political Ramifications and Industry's Application of Technology Toward Human-Centered Design

Laura Mosher: The Taylor System Puts Society in Prison

Alistair Nicol: The Computer Industry: Monopolies that Hinder Technology?

Team Project: The Ineffectiveness of Censoring Adult Content on the Internet: Why it Should be the Parents' Responsibility
Kenneth Russell
Paul Shealy

Russell Watson: Ozone Preservation and the Montreal Protocol