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Yacub Addy
Ghanaian Drumming Instructor iEAR. An outstanding and widely respected traditional drumming master from Ghana, and founder and leader of ODADAA!

Caren Canier
M.F.A., Boston University, Associate Professor of Painting & Drawing iEAR. Painting, Drawing, Design, History of Art.caniec@rpi.edu

Burrill Crohn
B.A. Columbia University, iEAR. Outstanding chronicler of the history of jazz, primarily through the production of numerous video tapes on the subject.

June Deery
D.Phil., Oxford University, LL&C Literature and science; literary theory; feminist literary criticism; Utopian literature; modern British literature. deeryj@rpi.edu

Ellen Esrock
Ph.D., New York University, LL&C Literature and science/psychology; literary theory; mental image processing; theory of photography; contemporary literature and art.

Cheryl Geisler
Ph.D., Carnegie Mellon University, LL&C Reading and writing in the disciplines and professions; academic literacy; language and design; teamwork and collaborative design.

David Gibson
B.S.,The Juilliard School of Music; M.M., Yale University, iEAR Instrumental Music. Teaches and performs cello, composes, and conducts orchestras.

Tamar Gordon
Ph.D., University of California at Berkeley, LL&C Sociolinguistics; anthropology of religion; ethnographic methods; popular/public culture; Polynesia and U.S.

Roger Grice
Ph.D., Rensselaer, LL&C. Usability; hypertext; multimedia; virtual reality; user documentation.

S. Michael Halloran
Ph.D., Rensselaer, LL&C. Visual rhetoric; rhetorical theory and criticism; history of the rhetorical tradition, especially in the U.S.; representations of "nature" in American rhetoric, literature, and art.

Teresa Harrison
Ph.D., Bowling Green University, LL&C. Communication theory; organizational communication; computer-mediated communication and scholarship. harrison@vm.its.rpi.edu

John J.A. Jannone [aj]
M.F.A., Rensselaer, iEAR, Lecturer in Media Arts. Integrated Media Performance; Electronic Music Composition; Video Production; WWW design and development; Interactive Arts Programming; Electronic Arts Pedagogy Studies. jannone@rpi.edu Sharp Lads Studios + Falling Anvil Studios + WeaselVision, Cyber Arts, HomeGame.

Larry Kagan
M.F.A., State University of New York at Albany, iEAR. Acting Arts Department Chair Sculpture; Studio Arts. kaganl@rpi.edu

Maureen Kinsella
M.F.A., School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Assistant Professor, Digital Imaging iEAR. Photography; graphic design; computer art; computer animation; video/CD production. Silicon Graphics workstations, animation, 3D rendering. kinsem@rpi.edu

Robert Krull
Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, LL&C. Research design and methodology; online and printed information; multimedia tutorials, interfaces for computer devices, and instructional techniques in computer, sports, and the arts.

Karen LeFevre
Ph.D., Rensselaer, LL&C. Rhetorical invention; teaching writing in all disciplines; social aspects of rhetoric and composition; invention and intellectual property.

Branda Miller
M.F.A., New York University, iEAR Associate Professor of Video. Video art and independent production; media analysis; Community art and media activism; CD-ROM development. milleb@rpi.edu

Alan Nadel
Ph.D., Rutgers Unversity, LL&C. Literary theory; modern and contemporary American literature; American cultural studies; creative writing; film theory; film studies. nadela@rpi.edu

Lee Odell
Ph.D., University of Michigan, LL&C. Composition theory and research; writing in nonacademic settings; rethinking literacy; education reform.

David Porush
Ph.D., State University of New York at Buffalo, LL&C. Artificial intelligence and story generation; multi-media; contemporary fiction; creative writing. porusd@rpi.edu

Neil B. Rolnick
Ph.D., University of California at Berkeley, iEAR. Professor of Music. Music composition; computer music composition and performance. HomeGame. rolnick@rpi.edu

Philip Rubens
Ph.D., Northern Illinois University, LL&C. Communication research; visual and verbal literacy; impact of new technologies on the communication process.

Patricia Search M.A., Goddard, LL&C.
Visual design theory and practice, computer-generated imagery and graphics; computer animation and hypermedia; user interface design for hypermedia programs.

Timothy Stephen
Ph.D., Bowling Green University, LL&C. Interpersonal communication; communication and social history; research methodology; group communication.

Friedemann Weidauer
Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, LL&C. 18th-20th Century German cultural studies; aesthetic and literary theory; interrelation of literature and historiography; multiculturalism in the curriculum; computer-based language instruction.

Merrill Whitburn
Ph.D., University of Iowa, LL&C. Writing process in industry; teaching of technical communication; history of English studies; history of rhetoric; rhetoric bibliography.

James P. Zappen
Ph.D., University of Missouri, LL&C. Rhetoric and culture; rhetoric of science and technology; rhetoric in MUD's/MOO's; technical communication. zappen@rpi.edu

For more information contact call (518) 276-2029 or email: emac@rpi.edu

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