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Electronic Media, Arts,
and Communication
at Rensselaer



EMAC courses are drawn from our traditional strengths in iEAR - integrated Electronic Arts at Rensselaer - and our program in technical communication. As an EMAC student you will work toward a B.S. in Communications collaborating closely with faculty and advanced graduate students.

Since Rensselaer is one of the foremost technological universities, EMAC students have access to the best equipment, the latest software, and a sophisticated computer network supported by a tradition of technical excellence.

The EMAC program is organized around a Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute move toward a four by four curriculum. This means that courses generally will be four-credit hours instead of the traditional three-credit hours. Students will take four courses a semester on average rather than five courses a semester.

EMAC is a new program for the Fall of 1996, and its curriculum of required courses has just been approved. Here are the basic requirements for the major, and on top of these you can choose from a wide array of EMAC electives. There are also broad Institute core requirements which require you to take courses the sciences and humanities.


Your first year would entail a common core of three 4-credit EMAC courses:

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During your succeeding years you would select two out of three Arts courses for eight credits:

You would also choose a course each in two of the three Language, Literature, and Communication areas for eight credits:

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The program's final requirement is an approved, 4-credit, senior capstone project. For this project you choose a 400-level course and in conjunction with it produce a portfolio, scholarly paper, creative work, performance, installation, exhibition, CD-ROM, or a musical/multimedia event on a topic of interest to you.

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You would also be free to select from a variety of electives over your years at Rensselaer, such as

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All Communication majors get our full support in their career development. We have a strong co-op program which places students with companies and agencies, giving them real-world experience and developing relationships that often lead to employment after graduation. We work closely with Career Development Center at Rensselaer to place students upon graduation, so you will not be facing your job hunt alone!

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For more information call (518) 276-2029 or email: emac@rpi.edu

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